Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring speakers to the Eagles so I can share my awesome taste in music with everyone else?

Seriously, the answer is no. When too many people are playing their music this is called bedlam, not music. We can ask you and your music to leave if you ignore this rule. We don’t like guests to leave unhappy so we will give you the opportunity to just have your speakers leave and you can come on back. 

Can I lease the pergolas by the pool during the summer?

We don’t reserve or lease the poolside pergolas during the swimming season. Although we experimented with this in the past we have chosen to make outside seating areas available at no extra charge on a first come, first served basis. This is more in keeping with our core principle of equality. Our charities raise money for their causes during summer concession, Friday night dinners, and other special events. In general, all of the Aerie must be available to any member. The only exception to this rule is the occasional lease out of the Social Hall.

Can I bring food and drinks into the Aerie during the summer?

We don’t allow outside food or non-alcoholic beverages to be brought into the Aerie during the swimming season when our concession stand is open. We also ask guests to not bring in food during our regular Friday night dinners which are also a source of income for our charities. No alcholoic beverages can ever be brought in or taken out from the Aerie. This is Texas state law and common sense.

Can I bring my 15 foot tall float to the pool?

Please be considerate of other guests with regards to bringing any floats onto our property. We know everything is bigger in Texas, and hopefully regard for others is too.

Why dont you pave the driveway and parking areas?

The Aerie is now considered to be in a flood plain and the City of Dallas won’t allow us to do that. The Dallas City Council website is here. There are a lot of smart people who make these rules so chances are this won’t change. We have asked to use ecogrid and that may be an option in the future.

Who runs the Eagles?

The Aerie elects a five person Board of Trustees each year to operate the Aerie. All officers are unpaid volunteers.